Monday, December 26, 2011


Yup, that's right, baby and I are showered and ready to go!  We were surprised with not one, but "TWO" baby showers!  The first one was held at my house.  My mom is amazing.  She comes to my house with a huge cooler, unpacks a boat load of food, and takes over my kitchen (I love when she does that).  And my sister in law totally out did herself.  She claims she's not crafty, but look at all of the wonderful things she made...the mason jar cookie favors, the cheesecake pops, her signature cookies, the diaper cake, the amazing framed family tree, and  the "It's a Girl" sign.  She paid attention to every detail and made sure everything was "Tina" perfect, and for that I am truly thankful.  The party was a huge success!  As you can see, we were not left empty handed.  Our friends and family were very generous and it's obvious the baby is coming into an loving environment.

Then, two weeks later, my very good friends/co-workers Tanya and Tara threw us another shower at my job.  It was held in the morning and to my surprise many contributed to the potluck style buffet brunch.  The food was delish!  And what made this shower different was their unique choice of games.  You can imagine how a quick game of pictionary can get interestingorking with a bunch of apparel designers and graphic artists.  On top of that, I was totally overwhelmed with the amount of creative and thoughtful gifts.  Many of them were hand made which added a special touch.  Brandon and I left feeling very fortunate and blessed.

All we need now is the baby!  34 weeks and counting, we await patiently and in the meantime are enjoying the holidays with our family.  We'll be sure to keep you posted!  Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


       Writing a quick blog to let everyone know Lily Dilly is now being sold at The Salon & Spa at Mystic Hair in Tampa, Florida!!  We are very happy and excited about this opportunity.  This is one of the more prestigous hair salons in Tampa.
As the story goes, my hair dresser (who I love, shout out to Audrey) noticed my bracelet.  She was very impressed and asked me to bring in more.  At the next visit, she bought one.  She told me she wears it often and receives many compliments from co-workers and clients.  That motivated me to bring in more the next time.  When I did, her co-workers gathered around and I made enough money to pay for my hair cut!  Sweet!

One thing led to another and I finally met the salon owner.  I gave her a copy of my line sheet and she put in an order for 12 pieces!  We displayed them near the front door, which is prime real estate, next to the cash register!  Over 3 days, we sold 9 pieces!  I went back a week later to replenish the ones that sold, and to my surprise, she ordered another 24!  That's not including the custom orders I received from some of the employees. Yes!  I'm a busy lady...making jewelry and making a baby!  Oh, and don't forget I work full time, and am juggling the normal holiday "to do's" (luckily my hubby's been very helpful).  We are 33 weeks and counting (a little more than a month until the projected due date).  Sometimes it's hard to keep up with everything.  I'm big enough now where every time I get up it's a process, but I'm hanging in there.  As the date approaches, I get more anxious and excited.  Baby is going to be beautiful and I can't wait to meet her.  Here is the latest picture I have to share.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Lily Dilly is in it's 1st BOUTIQUE!!  "How did it happen?", you ask.  Well...funny story.  I was out and about, during my lunch break, and noticed a cute boutique near by.  So naturally, I made time to stop in and check it out.  Right away I sensed this boutique had a good vibe.  It was light and airy, open and spacious, not dark and overcrowded.  The items featured were tasteful and trendy.  The boutique owner was sitting behind the register and noticed my baby bump.  She asked me the usual questions..."How far along are you?", and "Do you know what you're having?"  As I answered, she smiled and stepped out from behind the counter.  Come to find out, she is also pregnant!  We're both expecting girls and have THE SAME DUE DATE!  Can you believe it?!  Coincidence?  I think not!  We hit it off right away and chatted up a storm.  I mentioned my jewelry line and before ya know it, I'd set up my first official business appointment.  I put together a press kit that included a line sheet with pictures and pricing.  I presented it to her along with actual samples and she loved everything!  Within a week my line was displayed at the front table.  She even asked me to frame my bio page to complete the presentation.  We sold 6 pieces in the first week!  If you're in the area, please do stop by to check it out or visit their website at

This one experience has taught me so much already.  It gave me the courage to push forward and approach other boutiques.  But in this industry, you win some and loose some.  You have to have patience and faith.  Just last night I received a call from my hair salon who wants to place an order for a dozen bracelets!  My goal is 25 boutiques, if this works out, 2 down and only 23 more to go!!