Tuesday, November 8, 2011


YUP!  That's right, I'm nesting!  Scouring the earth to find unique and inexpensive things for the home and baby's room.  My mom and I share the joy of thrifty shopping.  You never know what you're going to find...like this pink velvet rocking chair.  It literally rocks!  I saw it from across the store and it called to me.  It's perfect for the baby's room.  All it needed was a little love and POOF!  It's like new!  The best part is the price!  Only $20!!!

Here's another "wow" find.  This old toy box (see below) only cost $7.99!  Yes, I know...it's not that cute at first.  It's actually pretty beat up and dirty.  But people!...you have to put on your designer goggles and see the possibilities!  With a staple gun, a couple yards of upholstery fabric, and a new set of hinges, we were able to turn this sad toy box into a chic piece of furniture (bottom right).   It will go in the family room and perfectly disquise all of the colorful toys that are soon to come! What's great is that it doubles as a bench and can be used for extra seating.
Okay, just one more.  We found this old beat up chair (see below) in the attic.  It was left from the previous owners.  It was a mess!  The legs were coming off and the mint green paint was chipping.  The hubby was ready to throw it out.  "But wait!" I said.  I convinced him to keep it and that it could be saved.  Um hello!...it's definitely an antique.  So this weekend my mom and I, well mostly my mom, sanded it down and her husband sprayed it white.  Look how cute!
But you know what the best part of this is...spending time with my mom. She's been amazing, and so supportive.  I'm 33 and I'm still learning from her.  I'm so fortunate and blessed to have her.  If only I could repay her someday.  I offer her money and gifts, but she refuses.  She won't take a dime from me.  So I've decided the best way to repay her is to try and pass everything she's taught me along to my daughter!  I love you mom...thanks to you and Jim for all your help this weekend!