Monday, October 24, 2011


This cutie right here is my friend Jenn.  She's the beautiful bride who is now newlywed and off to Aruba for a fun filled, much needed, baby makin honeymoon!  (Good luck my friend!)  Thanks to her, I had my first "big gig"!  She hired me to make bracelets for all 6 of her bridesmaids and earrings for the wives of the groomsmen.  In the end, everything was a success.  The bridesmaids looked amazing and the bracelets were a big hit.  I have to say, finding the right fabric was a little bit of a challenge, but I managed to find a lightweight chiffon that had a beautiful brown feather print.  The colors  matched perfectly to the swatches she gave me.  The fabric was matte, but the swarovski crystals gave it just the right amount of sparkle.

Please keep me in mind if you have any friends or family that are getting married.  I can custom make jewelry that will perfectly match the bride's theme and color story.  Plus, each piece will come meticulously wrapped and ready to go!  What's great is that my jewelry is wearable for many occasions and when the bridesmaid wears it again, she will undoubtedly remember that special day. Thanks again Jenn for the opportunity and exposure.  Brandon and I had a blast!  Here we are, you can kind of see my belly.  I'm 25 weeks and counting!

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