Saturday, October 29, 2011


If I had my blog set up last year, I would have definitely written about this one.  I attended the Henri Bendel "Open See" last October, which was one year ago today.  "What is that?", you ask.  Henri Bendel is one of the oldest department stores in NYC, and twice a year they open their doors to independent accessory designers and invite them in for an interview.  No appointment necessary.  You just have to show up!  If they like what they see...they buy!  It's a huge deal and an awesome opportunity to get exposure.

From the moment I heard about this opportunity, I worked my butt off to pull a presentation together.  In a short period of time I perfected my displays and managed to pull together an impressive catalog.  I was ambitious and determined.  I booked my flight and was on my way.  I arrived the night before and treated myself to a night at the Hudson Hotel.  I was up bright and early, to be in line by 5am.  To my surprise the line was already wrapped around the building.
This is a picture of me, anxiously waiting in line, with my very good friend Annette.  She lives in NY and stopped by to keep me company.  I'm so thankful she did because I was a nervous wreck and it wasn't until noon by the time I got in!  The buyer I met with was a younger lady and she was accompanied by her even younger assistant.  I remained enthusiastic and proudly pulled out my stuff while they silently watched, emotionless.  OUCH!  The interview didn't even last 5 minutes! They gave me some constructive feedback and sent me on my way.  I have to say, at first, I was sooo disappointed.  I kept thinking about all the time and money I had invested into this project.  I practically ran home and cried to my hubby.  BUT, he lovingly supported me and encouraged me NOT to give up. After all that, I don't regret the trip.  You only live once and should take some chances while you're here.  I took their advice and added some bling to my jewelry line.  And those pieces are actually my most popular styles!   Check out my ETSY website for more recent stuff.

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