Sunday, August 21, 2011


So this is the first picture of our little bugger!  Isn't he/she cute.  Until we find out the gender, let's call he/she "Nugget".  From the looks of that BIG head, Nugget is going to be very smart.  And sorry Dad, but I think Nugget has my nose.  This picture was taken at 12 weeks, which was already 1 month ago.  Today I turn 16 weeks.  Wow, time flies when your pregnant!  I have to say, this is one of the most exciting steps of becoming a mother.  The first glimpse of your little one is priceless.  What's wierd is that you don't feel anything inside.  Of course you have the fun side effects of being extremely tired, ragingly hungry, and over the top emotional, but you don't actually feel any movement inside.  So when I saw the 1st picture, I was full of relief.  Phew!  I'm not crazy, there really is a little baby growing in there!  It's amazing, and yes, a little surreal.  I'll admit, I'm scared out of my mind.  Up to this point, I've been totally independent.  I work hard and come and go as I please.  My "mom" friends already made it very clear to me... A LOT is going to change.  But I feel good and we're excited.  I'm thinking positive.  I recognize that I am blessed to have a great support system near by.  My husband is heaven sent.  Seeing him interact with my niece and nephew, I know he's going to be an amazing father.  His sister is young and spunky.  Reminds me of my younger day,  plus, she doubles as a dog sitter (thanks Mo!).  My mom is the modern day handy woman.  I am proud to say she can fix a toilet, change a faucet, and true story, duct tape a diaper.  My brother is extremely talented.  He consistently sets a good example by being a loving, and supportive father himself.  His wife is one of my very best friends and a mother of 2!  She knows EVERYTHING.  She is always one step ahead of me and seriously, she's better than google.  But most of all, I have the Lord.  I'm taking this time to learn how to trust him.  Being human, naturally I want to control everything.  But what I'm learning is, his plan is ALWAYS better than mine.  His timing is perfect.  When you let go and trust in him, things will eventually work out.  A little patience and faith can go a long way.

Stay tuned next week and I will give you a glimpse of this growing belly!

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